New Song and a long list of tour dates.

“Safe Kill”, a new song from the upcoming Small Houses album, “I Don’t Know What’s Safe”, is available for FREE download on Bandcamp.

1.31 - Ubisububi Room - Denver, CO
2.1 - House Show - Boulder, CO
2.2 - The Artery - Fort Collins, CO
2.4 - Side Door - Colorado Springs, CO
2.8 - Brew and Brew - Austin, TX
2.9 - The Donut Whole - Witchita, KS
2.10 - Minibar - Kansas City, MO
2.11 - Pageturners Lounge - Omaha, NE
2.12 - Vaudeville Mews - Des Moines, IA
2.14 - Moeller Nights Fest - Davenport, IA
2.15 - Moeller Nights Fest - Davenport, IA
2.16 - Total Drag Records - Sioux Falls, SD
2.17 - Aquarium - Fargo, ND
2.20 - Warming House - Minneapolis, MN
2.22 - Orpheum Theater - Houghton, MI
2.27 - The Lift - Dubuque, IA
2.28 - Trumpet Blossom - Iowa City, IA
3.1 - The Portal - Peoria, IL
3.2 - Racoon Motel - Davenport, IA
3.3 - The Hideout Inn - Chicago, IL

Vinyl Pre-Order Now Available

Pre-Order for Small Houses’ next album, “I Don’t Know What’s Safe”, is now available. A little something special for vinyl purchasers: each copy ordered will be accompanied by a custom matted 35mm print of a photo taken by Small Houses with attached lyric sheet. Just a little something to make this release a little more special.

Order yours now from the SHOP tab.

-J. Quentin

Free Matte Image.jpg


It might not mean much to some but I couldn't be more excited for the chance to meet Will Johnson. I really believe that this guy is one of the architects of the genre that I've been so infatuated with that it's shape the way I listen and write. His accreditations include writing and supporting bands and writers like Jason Molina, Monsters of Folk, South San Gabriel, New Multitudes, Jim James, Jay Farrar, Anders Parker, Centro-matic and more. 

Also something to note. I've added a few dates to the Tour page. Hope to see you out there.