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That cuss comes by and everything shakes, "Ohio" in a hoorayed calm, so quiet I can barely make it out. And the same three "O's" in a souvenir bleed, a buckeye in a brattle hum, mouthing I'm so glad you're here at all. The door pulls back, that freckle leans in, a whole smile, an areola hiss, that areolied sable, it's the end, the end, the end and it's the end. But I don't need it that's the best about me, a stay's stay to wish I'm gone. I don't need it that's the best about me, a safe kill to hurt me some. 

That metal shine, that telluride hiss, you leaning over with the sun behind, trying hard to see what face I was. It's best that I don't know what I am, a catcher catching flesh in rye, that kind of cuss that holds you up. 



Unmade and made right with anything, 
I want to blur my eyes just shy enough, 
until I'm two shapes or one shudder, 
who's telling what's what?

Whether I'm rare, a memorized awry, the fourth of July.
Whether I'm there in a Chevrolet sulfide, memorial try,
shelling warnings like a guarantee of an aim and a sudden shout. 

I'm the calloused side of an ornamental insignia, 
I'm the hit you'd want more than anything, 
the counting back from or until I say "three".

I'm a tassel tied on, all sentimental by knots, 
then a hi-fi of what I knew you could be, 
"is it IA next year?", is it, "I still remember me". 

A new way to say just about everything, 
is it "terrified" or "I swear I'm not", 
is it "shit man, I think I love her" then not giving a fuck. 

Second I'm sure and settled in Hawkeye with a handle like her. 
Second I'm worse and drawing up design of making me hurt,
shelling warning like the way they mean with an aim and a sudden shout. 


Red End Shade

Wrapped in taxidermic parts, tattoos of verse in cursive and a kinda hell, a stud chewing your tongue. Kept quiet burned in cellophane, you're more eyes than you're anything and you love the dark, always guessing who's there. 

"Red End Shade", that's a hell of a name, sure like mine only unafraid of all the horror right in ya. 

Taped rattling heart, awry of the tied and taking it, dying to tell if you could ever say worse. And then I saw you once before, salt taste with a way to say you weren't, in spite of the shape, tape, rattle and curl. And then I saw you once before not to worry you. 

Call it anniversary kill, it's one more for a rare, a diamond ring in point needle and ink. 
"I'm not tired of holding anything"
"It's not old when it's new to me"
"The Hardest Part"

friends and neighbors.jpg


How the room it holds like a lot of breathe, so I said it easy, with the T.V. on, long tails with the sleeves cut off, I make my voice a way you’d make a saint of things, “I haven’t seen you lately, only railing parts shining like the day you’d come”. She says, “I’m glad you made it, how you were running now you’re coming back”
“I only talked to strangers, a year I barely had”

Where the roof it hangs and all the weather's inside, hear us late and Minnesota entire and a boy you love, with a heart, a heart with all the summer ran through. Hear the engine kick with all the zephyr in time, hear us late and Minnesota entire, I was never wrong, with the right, the right it only ended in truth, you only tell me some things. 

How the room it holds all like you said it would, you're only half as lonely, with the window up, free air and the shades all drawn. How the hell it starts is like where it starts, you're always left and leaving, all the railing parts shining like the day you'd come.